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We have a wide experience in identifying the cause of litigations and mitigating the same. We have empanelled experienced lawyers who regularly appear before the High Court of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and in Civil Courts in matters relating to commercial disputes, Company law matters. Our team appears before Company Law Tribunal, for matters arising under Companies Act, 2013 and Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016

We understand the value of time and money of our clients and assess the situation put forth by quantifying the possible time and money that our client might have to spend and render advisory services to resolve the dispute in the best effective manner.

Our range of legal services:

  • We provide pre-litigation services including dispute/Litigation mitigation strategies/solutions, both within the organizational framework and in commercial and business transactions;
  • We provide accurate assessment of the nature of the dispute and the scope of relief in a cost efficient manner;
  • We provide strategies/solutions and adoption of such mechanisms in transactional documentation, contracts etc;
  • We undertake coherent research and drafting strategy;
  • The team works closely with the client, and other teams within the firm to ensure every aspect is dealt with in a holistic manner;
  • Our team provides end-to-end services in our dispute resolution and litigation practise from pre-trial, trial to appellate stage across the regulatory framework of India.

Why are we considered as One Stop Solution?

On the basis of the assessment results that we derive by virtue of the information provided to us by the clients:

  • Primarily we assess the information provided and advise our clients the best possible route to address the dispute in a cost-effective manner, which helps the client to address the dispute and litigation with minimum cost and time expenditure;
  • Our team of advocates, legal advisors and empanelled lawyers are actively involved in advising clients who are on the verge of facing litigation and provide solutions to minimise the hassles of a client;
  • Our team of dedicated lawyers provide end to end support until closing of a dispute or the litigation;
  • We also have empanelled experienced lawyers to appear before the Hon’ble High Court in case our client needs assistance.


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