Franchise Services

Franchise Services

Franchising is a strategic business alliance between the well established Company or Corporation and its Franchisees at regional, national and international levels, formed for the common goal to capture greater customers and thereby dominate the market for specific goods/products/services. Franchising is an important area of our Business Law practices as it is one of the hugely popular ways of doing business in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

We provide franchise advisory services on all aspects of franchise relationship. We advise our clients on various issues including drafting of franchisee agreement, advisory on regulatory compliances, taxes, regulations related to industry and labour, Government and institutional approvals, etc.

We offer the following specialized legal advisory under franchise services:

  1. drafting franchisee agreement;
  2. drafting of other ancillary agreements with vendors, suppliers, etc;
  3. registration, enforcement and counsel on best methods to protect and license trademarks, and other intellectual property rights;
  4. imparting franchise related legal advisory services to our clients.

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