Fema Advisory

FEMA Advisory

With an increase in cross-border transactions, both inbound & outbound, there is a heightened need to understand & ensure compliance with complex, evolving legislations covered under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) 1999. We do a systematic analysis of all Forex Transactions of the client and examine the compliance of Foreign Exchange Management Act and provide Forex transaction advisory / FEMA Advisory.

This will enable the company to know if any violations under FEMA are committed. Our law firm’s  philosophy is not to just conduct a check up and highlight the irregularities but to regularize the mistakes and draw a proper check list for all future transactions. Samisti Legal has provided this service to several companies with true value addition.

Foreign Exchange laws / Foreign Exchange Management Act are /is one of the most stringent law of the country and are /is subject to changes at rapid pace. As an organization, it is necessary to make sure that all your transactions related to foreign exchanges are in compliance with law and if not, necessary precautionary measures shall be undertaken to rectify the same.

Here, we analyze all transactions, inbound & outbound,  undertaken during the period under scrutiny from the point of compliance with foreign exchange laws and provide required FEMA Advisory including remedial measures, in case of any deficiency.


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